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Blood donation ability

When the question arises, of blood donation ability a blood donor has to full fill some blood donation ability.

Blood donation ability is very important for the donor otherwise, the donor or the donee may suffer some serious difficulties.

Before donating blood a donor must concern some issues like:

Age: A donor age must be in between 18-65

Weight: Weight should be at least 45 kg

Health: Must have good health at the time of blood donation

Travel: Travel to areas where mosquito-borne infections are widespread, like malaria, dengue and Zika virus infections may result in a temporary deferral.

Behavior: A donor behavior like the last 12 months of sexual activities, have ever injected recreational drugs must be a concern.

Major Illness/Surgery: Person who wants to donate blood is not eligible if the flowing issues are matches

• Diseases of the heart or lungs (Donors who are asthmatic and without symptoms of asthma is eligible)

• High blood pressure on medication

• Diabetes on medication

• Major surgery (can donate after 12 months)

• AIDS or symptoms of AIDS, such as unexplained fevers, severe night sweats, unexpected weight loss, swollen glands, chronic diarrhea or rare cancer

• Epilepsy

• Hepatitis B or C

• Syphilis

Medication: People who are taking drugs for cancer treatment, heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes or current infections will not be eligible as a blood donor. For those: Traditional Medication has to wait 3 days, Antibiotics has to wait 1 week, Anti-malaria Medication has to wait 4 weeks.

Common Reasons: Some common reasons that cause temporary deferral to donate blood.

• After having any dental treatment or tooth removal, a donor has to wait 3 days to donate blood

• After completing the course of skin infections medication, a donor has to wait 1 week to donate blood

• If a donor involved in breastfeeding cannot donate blood

• After passing a normal pregnancy delivery, a donor has to wait 6 months to donate blood

• If the donor traveled in a malaria-endemic area, he/she has to wait 6 weeks to 3 years to donate blood. The donor has to ask the attending doctor whether he/she is eligible for donation or not

• If a donor suffers Hepatitis B, then he/she has to wait 12 months until completing the course of hepatitis B vaccination

• A donor has to wait 6 months after the recovery of infectious diseases like chickenpox, measles, and dengue

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